Patrick Bezalel
Patrick makes it his life goal as an artist to bring to life the Word of God through art. His ongoing series explores hyperrealism drawings that depict the rich facets of Yeshua and the bible. Consisting of up to 300,000 painstaking strokes using traditional line by line drawing technique, each piece is entirely hand-drawn on iPad. Patrick is also known for his various resin art series which present an abstraction that simultaneously contains intricate details within that elucidate faith concepts and biblical narratives. To push his boundaries as a fine artist, he also incorporates technology into all his creations, enabling every physical artwork to have an added dimension of beauty when viewed through an Augmented Reality (AR) application. His cutting-edge practice has also extended into the buzzy Metaverse as he is now creating NFTs and VR art, having started his own NFT collection as well as supporting and consulting for other NFT projects.