[SHF] Hopscotch Bar Celebrates Singapore’s Built Heritage with Signature Cocktails at happy hour price of $18++ all day!

This May, in a unique blend of history and mixology, Hopscotch Bar at Capitol is excited to announce a special promotion in conjunction with Heritage Fest 2024. Patrons will have the opportunity to explore Singapore’s rich built heritage through the art of cocktail-making with Hopscotch’s three signature cocktails, each crafted to honor a significant icon of Singapore.

During this promotional period, guests can enjoy these exclusive creations for a happy hour price of $18++ all day, offering a perfect setting for both history aficionados and cocktail enthusiasts to revel in the nation’s storied past.

Cocktail Creations Celebrating Heritage
1. Curtain Call – A tribute to the historic Capitol Theatre, this cocktail is a nod to Singapore's entertainment history, encapsulating the elegance and dramatic flair of the iconic venue.
2. Trade Winds – Celebrating the Singapore River, the lifeline and heart of Singapore’s success, this drink embodies the spirit of adventure and commerce that propelled Singapore to its present-day prosperity.
3. Lion City Tiki – Paying homage to Singapore’s national icon, the Merlion, this cocktail mixes tradition with tropical allure, symbolizing the city-state’s strength and resilience.

Accompanying each cocktail is a guide that provides a glimpse into the deep heritage of these national icons, offering patrons a way to learn about the history of these landmarks in a fun and engaging manner.

Hopscotch invites everyone to experience the stories of Singapore’s past while enjoying quality time with friends and delicious cocktails. It’s an invitation to toast to the heritage that has shaped the Lion City, all within the historic walls of Capitol.

Don’t miss this chance to delve into Singapore’s heritage in the most delightful way this May at Hopscotch at Capitol Singapore.

Event Details
Hopscotch B1-83
1 May - 26 May 2024