800 Bowls
Why 800 bowls? This is because Chef Kok, founder of 八 百 碗 - Ba Bai Wan, hopes that he will one day be able to sell 800 bowls of ramen daily.   Ba Bai Wan specializes in ramen - as well as his signature pork dumplings and wantons. Not to be missed will be Chef Kok’s  signature Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette - , Crabcake Meatball Ramen served in a bowl of slow-cooked* collagen rich goodness - , Supreme Ramen - , Pork and Chives Dumplings - as well as the appetizing  Braised Spice Tofu - . If you are a big eater, options to add on different sides are available upon request as well. In view that Chef Kok wants to keep his dishes affordable, the price point ranges from $2.80 - $16. Do note that the ingredients are freshly prepared as such limited portions are available daily.   *Soup is slow-cooked for 8hours with pork and old hen’s bones hence it is rich in collagen and flavour.