DAISO is a mega store established in Japan in 1977. We are Japan’s no.1 living ware supplier, providing the most variety and value for all our customer’s needs. Definitely DAISO, we continue to focus on Quality, Variety & Uniqueness. With our rich lineup of items & innovative ideas, we continuously bring fun and surprises to you at our stores. THREEPPY is a concept store operated by DAISO Japan since 2018. With the rebranding of the brand in 2022, we have expanded our product lineup with more fun and adorable items for our customers. We provide a wide variety of items that are playful and colourful with trendy gray, pink and mint, such as fashion accessories, cute cushions, potteries, pouches, bags, and many more. THREEPPY is for those who love the little happiness - It’s Adorable, Just For You.