Johwa Hair & Living

At Jo: Hwa Hair & Living, the team aim to achieve not only great hair but something more fundamental and elementary. Come and experience the unprecedented approach that will enrich your living.

With over ten years of study in shapes and suitability, Jo: Hwa discovered that finding and providing an individual's best look is much more than simply looking at what’s on the surface; they believe that there is a need to find a way to harmonize with one’s ‘Living’.

Jo: Hwa’s literal translation is ‘harmony’; however, it has a deeper core meaning of Jo:조 (Make) Hwa: 화 (Positive changes)

Jo: Hwa is all about giving a positive impact to enrich your ‘Living’.

Jo: Hwa hair & living’s vision is to set a new expectation from the salon and your experience after leaving the salon.

Change starts here.