Sichuan Alley

Located in Capitol Singapore, Sichuan Alley focuses on using the freshest ingredients and authentic cooking techniques to create traditional Sichuan-style Noodles, Small Plates and Homemade Drinks that captures the heart of diners!

Sichuan Alley is well-known for serving “Mian Yang Rice Noodles” with a choice of different broths and a plethora of toppings such as braised beef and pig intestines. Capturing the essence of Sichuanese cuisine "President Rice Noodle/Noodle" and "Braided Beef Rice Noodle/Noodle” are our best sellers!

Additionally, Sichuan Alley has a wide selection of Small Plates (i.e B-52 Fried Chicken and Sichuan Sour Vegetable Fish). To top it off, customers can quench their thirst with our special homemade drinks (Chengdu Fizz, Mister Kiwi and Island Day) carefully crafted to complement the bold flavors of our dishes.

10am -10pm